Why this Blog?


There are many reasons I’m writing this blog. From as simple as my wife gave it to me as a birthday present and encouraged me to try and encourage others in their faith… from the long-standing belief that I hold that there is no worldview on earth that encompasses all aspects of reality like that of Christianity.

Science, History, Morality and all of our Personal Human Experience… we try to use all of these things to shape what we believe about ourselves and the world and universe around us. No one aspect will give us the entire picture; so the question is when you look at everything together… what is the picture of truth that comes out? Is there just one truth or are there many?

The modern thought is that Science will eventually explain everything we need to know about everything and Religion will become a thing of the past because we will have explained away the need for God. But is that really true? Are there limits to Science? How do Science and God go together?

These are some of the questions that have Christians nervous about engaging in conversations with those who don’t share their views. We’re worried that, at the very least, we’ll be made to look foolish in the conversation and, at the worst possible end, that maybe they are right and Science and God don’t coincide at all.

But I firmly believe that not only do they coincide… everything we learn in Science, History and everything else not just works in with our belief about the God of the Bible, but actually points to and enforces the worldview that a Creator exists and that of all accounts of “Gods” in different religions, only the God of the Bible fits in with the full picture of Truth that emerges.

So this blog and my writing will certainly not have all the answers… it will not give you fool-proof arguments that you can whip out to win over those who you’re talking to. But I hope and pray that it will encourage you to know that when it comes down to it, there is nothing that makes sense of the Universe as a whole than the God who first showed himself to Adam and Eve in the Garden… and then ultimately to the rest of us in the person of Jesus.

All of these things and more I hope to talk about and learn together about, so that we may be “always prepared to give a reason for the hope that we have”.